Singers War: Origin

“I was created from the union of fear and malice. Akira, a very old and powerful Singer, was my maker. Akira’s will, became my purpose: his name, my name.” Oni Akira – 317,509 BCE

Planet Gustave, 4525 CE
It is rare when fate and chance choose the same outcome. On a distant battlefield, 264 light years from Terra, Akira was wearing the flesh of an Aslani commander, who had taken the planet Gustave. Brigadier General Tori Takahashi’s brigade jumped onto the planet to rescue the colonists. When chance intervened, a sniper’s bullet killed Akira’s host while the Oni was trying to possess Tori, leaving Akira and Tori trapped together in one body, and madness ensued.

Homeworld Zhdant, 4528 CE
At the same time, the Creator whispered an idea in the mind of Commander Marquesa Hayatlas, the greatest psionic master of the Zhodani people. She investigated the creation rumor, leading her to a Star Crystal, which translated her from Zhdant to Terra. Her first assignment: subdue the host possessing Tori. Her second Assignment: rally Humaniti to face the Oni and save civilization.

Homeworld Terra, 4530 CE
Hayatlas and Tori gather a team of unlikely companions who travel to the Lost Stars of the Long Night, face Aslani aggression by landless clans, and hunt the Singers agents – both Oni and others. Their goal is simple: prepare civilization to fight and win the Singers War.